VIDEO: Greenbrier Planning/Zoning Review Board Meeting November 10, 2020

VIDEO: Greenbrier Planning/Zoning Assessment Board Assembly November 10, 2020

GREENBRIER TENNESSEE: (Smokey Barn Information) – Recorded and uninterrupted, Greenbrier’s Planning/Zoning Assessment Board Assembly November 10, 2020.

Usually, the general public is invited and inspired to attend; nevertheless, as a result of measurement of the assembly room and social distancing/gathering mandates for the Coronavirus, the assembly was closed to the general public.

Smokey Barn Information partnered with town of Greenbrier to convey the assembly safely to you.


Metropolis of Greenbrier Board of Zoning Appeals Fee Assembly Agenda November 10, 2020

1. Citizen’s Feedback
2. Name to Order by the Chair
3. Roll Name
4. Adoption of the Agenda
5. Approval of Minutes of the October 13, 2020 Common Planning and Zoning Assembly.
6. Communications from the Mayor and Commissioners.
7. Communications from Metropolis Workers.
8. Outdated Enterprise – None
9. New Enterprise
a. Web site plan for 210 West South Road
10. Adjourn

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